Make a Financial Donation

We rely on donations from people just like you to help pay the bills and keep our selections up to date.

We are not part of the NYS Library /Ramapo Library System

To be an “official” library, you have to have an NYS certified librarian on staff and pay into the system with town library taxes. The towns in Minisink Valley opted out of the library tax, due to a disproportionate allocation of the tax burden based on property taxes. As a result, the townspeople do not have borrowing use of the Ramapo libraries.

Charitable Contribution

We are a 5013C org

Click here for IRS info and forms

For a tax-deductible contribution that you make, you get the services of a resource center along with the help of a staff made up of savvy and enthusiastic volunteers ready to serve you.

Your tax-deductible contribution makes possible not only the lending services and hours but allows for arranging special events and lecture opportunities. As an example, the 4-H club meets here.

Are we an official 501C3 tax deductible charitable organization?

You can deduct what you donate in financial assistance to the GRC on your income tax! To find out more send an email to the library with Donation in the subject line

Click here for IRS info and forms

Donate Books

Please follow the following steps:

1) Check your books: We get so many pictures, savings bonds stuck between the pages.
2) Make sure they fit the bill:

We can’t take the following books:
Readers Digest Condensed Books, National Geographic magazines, Readers Digest, encyclopedia sets, textbooks, dictionaries, booklets associated with the advertising of fads/diets/methods, books that have mold on them, missing pages, books and magazines that are written in.

3) Pack the Books: ideally, wrap twine or cord around the books and bring them in bundled like that or use cardboard boxes. PLEASE, no plastic tubs or bins unless you take them back with you.

3) Bring your books DURING NORMAL LIBRARY HOURS. PLEASE donate when the library is OPEN, thank you.

It’s ACTUALLY BETTER ON YOUR BACK because the volunteers will help you unload.

4) We do NOT take donations of vinyl records (LPs,45s 78s) and VHS tapes. CDs, DVD’s and Blue Ray in good condition in their cases are OK to donate.

5) We do not take cell phones, glasses etc.. for donation

6) We happily accept clean new kids crafting supplies such as paper, glitter, glue, ink stamps and stampers, complete sheets of stickers, crayons etc for our children’s crafting area 🙂

7) Please don’t donate after hours? Please, come during normal library hours