The Greenville Resource Center :-)
Serving the Residents of Minisink Valley
Hours: Mondays,Thursdays,Saturdays: 10am-1pm
Wednesdays: 6:30-8:30 pm
We're All Volunteers - We Can Always Use Help
Everything here is done by volunteers - nobody gets paid for working at the Resource Center. We dont have a budget to buy
books,DVDs, or equipment besides what we already raise through donations. We are able to exist because the town of
Greenville has provided a wonderful building for us. But everything else is up to volunteers.

We want to do more. We've found that just about anyone can help in some way, even people who have no time or money to
spare. Here are just a few things that would help:

Tell people about us:
A lot of people dont even know we are here, or they don't know they can use the Resource Center. Tell your friends, family,
neighbors, co-workers about us. Or email them our hours and website.

Help us find volunteers:
Maybe you don't have time to volunteer, but you know people who might be interested in helping? Even fairly young children
help put stickers on books. We've had students volunteer for community service work/school credit. We have something for everybody.

Post Flyers about the Resource Center:
On bulletin boards,in stores,wherever you see one.

Read stories to children:
Come in and reasd a book or two to a small group of children, or help them out with a craft.

Staff the Resource Center:
We want to be open more hours. It's not hard- none of us are librarians. Just a few hours a month would help so much.

DONATE BOOKS: Click HERE to find out how

DONATE MONEY: Click HERE to find out HOW and WHY we need your generous financial donations today.

Children's Story Time : Thursdays 12 noon to 1pm